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I'm an idiot, help!

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Hi guys.

I've been bringing up an image that is a designless towel, and I import the layer with a design on it. Flatten, etc.

Well I saved my original designless towel with a design by accident.

I really don't want to go back and redo and empty towel. I saved, closed too- so it seems I can't undo or delete the imported layer.

How can I delete the firefly and get my orginal image back without a big checkered space gone?

THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, please tell me there is a way!!!

(attached is the towel with design, I need the design gone without altering the towel)

I'm an idiot and should have had a few saved various places, but of course, no I didn't.


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There may be a chance. I think mountnman was referring to this technique:

1. Open your file explorer.

2. Locate the file you want to try and restore.

3. Right click on the file, choose properties.

4. Select the previous versions tab.

5. Choose a previous version (if listed) and click restore.

I too seem to recall reading this recently - but cannot find it either.

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Yup. That was it.

Thanks Yellowman!

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once again, THANK YOU EER, Yellow, Mntman, et al-

This really saved me. Bolt, you are so right- never work with originals. I was growing tired and lazy as I was converting 30+ files to upload to my website. Dumb!

LOL, I've now resaved it in about a million places.

YOU guys rock, this is a great community. I really love learning Paint.net. I'm a mom that doesn't get a chance to have many creative outlets, and this is nice. TGIAlmostFriday B)

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You're welcome - pleased we got the file restored. boltbait.big_smile.png

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