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Color matching/adjusting between photos

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Please bear with me as I am a relative paint.net newbie. Sorry if I don't use the terminology correctly or consistently. Thanks!

I am trying to adjust the color levels between two photos such that a certain object in both photos has the same color in both images. I'll try and explain more with an example...

I've got two images taken under similar lighting conditions with the same camera and settings that came out with slightly different colors. There is a reference object in each photo that should match (in this case, a grey square of a paint sample). I'd like to adjust the color of the square in photo 2 so that it matches the square in photo 1, with the adjustments applied to the entirety of photo 2. Make sense?

What is the series of steps I need to take to accomplish this?

Any help will be appreciated!

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Hi jakemoore, welcome to the paint.net forum!

Try this plugin: Color Match.

What it does is uses one image as a color template in order to recolor a second image. Sounds like just what you need!

(don't forget to hit the DONATE button when you download the plugin package boltbait.big_smile.png )

For information on installing plugins, try this thread: http://forums.getpai...roubleshooting/

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Thanks Ego.

Perhaps I'm not using color match correctly, but it's applying the 'color profile' of the entire photo 1 to photo 2 with bizarre results.

I tried cropping the image to only contain the reference object, but this turned my reference object in the photo 2 purple when I applied the color match.

I'll keep playing around with it.

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How about uploading the photos and posting the links here so we can see what we're dealing with?

It may be unnecessary to recolor the whole image if just the paint-sample-square is critical. Perhaps in this case the recolor tool pdn35icons.RecoloringToolIcon.png would be sufficient?

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