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some designs i made with paint.net


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well, i started using paint.net a while ago, i truly love the program.

here are some of my designs, i'll start with my first and then some i made yesterday.

i hope you guys enjoy. boltbait.smile.png

naughty angel(half á year ago):

<too naughty for this forum - EER>

thibmo designs(about a month ago):


IMVU friends 1(5 days ago):


imvu friends 2(made yesterday):


that will be them for now, i'll post more as soon as i have new nice designs;)

Edited by Ego Eram Reputo
Removed erotic image - this is a family friendly forum
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I don't think naughty angel is going to last long here.

It didn't.

@thibmo: That sort of image is inappropriate on this forum. Please do not post images of that nature again. We have a 'family friendly' policy here so all images posted must be suitable for a wide viewing audience. Thanks.

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IMVU is sort of the same as Second Life, where I make pics of Welsh ;)

In your IMVU friends pic, try to soften the edges and make some corners of the arms a bit rounder... They look nice by the way

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