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Morphological filtering of images?

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You probably know what Morphological filtering is. If you don't, here is an example:


It basically filters any jaggies on a bitmap image. Is there any existing plugin for Paint.NET or are maybe there any plans for such thing? I'd need it to filter out some images made in MS Paint using simple lines. But they are very jaggy and using any other method didn't really give me any decent results.

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first isolate each part of the image.. then use feather and AAs assistant-- both plugins on each piece

by isolate. i mean duplicate the layers image into however many layers it takes and remove the rest of the image friom that layer... on one layer you would end up with just the script on another just on color of the panels of red--- always keep an entireimage but hide it by disableing its vissibility

featgher is in bolts pack i think AAs assist is in dpy's ?

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Try blurring (like Gaussian blur) at a very low setting.

If you're going to avoid layers then you'll have to put up with bluring everything in the single layered image.

Softening edges relies on the effect being able to find an edge. The simplest way to do this is to have the image elements on a separate layer surrounded by transparency.

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See this image from the link you posted?


Imagine the left image was two layers, like black+transparent over a white background layer. If you ran AA's Assistant over the black layer you would get a much better result than the right image.

If you choose to work on a single layer then you'll have to spend a lot of time selecting the area you want to soften - like BoltBait explained in the second post.

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