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unspecified error

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I have been fighting with paint.net all day trying to download the correct plug-in, get it to the proper place, and use it to open RAW images (cr2). Each time I attempt to open an images I get this message:

There was an uspecified error while opening the file.

I don't know what to do from here....the plug-in is in the right place as it allows me to attempt open the files and before I downloaded the plug-in I couldn't even view a raw image when selecting an image from my files to open.

I have been shooting in RAW for quite some time now but it's rather pointless if I can't get the images open in the program...I might as well go back to jpeg and I just DO NOT want to do that. ANy help would be reatly appriciated!

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Which plugin are you using?

This post may help select the most recent plugin(s):

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