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Animated GIF

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Hey, Great product! Love it!

You have everything I require as a developer (and stuff I don't) except for animated gif files. I can't seem to find any information at all in the forums or in the help. Is there any plan for animated gif's, or an animated gif plug-in? If not, I would be interested in creating one.


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Thanks heaps!

This is actually how I do it now. My question was, whether there was any plans of "automating" this procedure in Paint.Net, as in letting you specify each frame period?

As for the FAQ, I did look but must have missed it, get side-tracked reading other things I come across, but perhaps a search facility on the forum could save people some time?

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This is mentioned in the FAQ.

There's even something in the Tutorials section about it.

There IS a search facility on this forum. Use it.

I swear, it's like this question gets asked every 15 seconds or something.


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