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Noob - working with layers

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Hi All:

Have been using the program with much success though I am not anywhere near expert. So small things tat don't work drive me crazy (and waste so much time!) So I know there is a simple answer to this but I can't work it out.

The problem:

I open a new background - 1440 x 600. Then import my image (in new layer) - 1350 x 280.

Now I want to put some text or arrows pointing from the background to the image but I can only write/draw on the imported image not the background. Have tried merging to no effect. I know this is an elementary thing but am wasting time trying to figure it out - so someone tell me where I'm going wrong!!

Much appreciated,


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So you have selected the layer you want to draw on? Just click it in the Layer window.

If you want arrows above the Background and Image 1, 3 layers would be best.

Like this:


-Your Image




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What part of Rule #29 don't you understand?


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The Newbie Playground is part of the Tutorial section of the forum. It is not the place to discuss anything but tutorials.

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