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No, you don't need plugins. Paint.net is very powerful on it's own.

However, some users have found it useful to augment the tools and effects that Paint.net offers. These third party tools and effects are called plugins, because they 'plug in' to Paint.net, extending the programs capabilities.

You will find many tutorials here on the forum use plugins. If you don't have the plugin required by the tutorial you may not be able to complete it.

If that doesn't bother you, then Paint.net will work just fine without any plugins at all.

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Once youve got a basic knowledge of PDN, plugins can start to make things easier, like a Drop Shadow for example can be dont by Duplicating the layer, changing the colour and blurring. But with the Drop Shadow Plugin, its simpler and you can make finer adjustments.

Plugins go from simple uses like that to the very complex, like Shape 3D, which has many options to fine tune the result.

(oops, just kinda repeated what ego said in a less intelligent way :P)

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