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Fatal Error when updating and it dissapeared

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I haven't used Paint.NET in a while, so when I had opened it again today, it needed to update, okay, however in the proccess of updating, it said there was a Fatal Error (no details, thats all it said) and when I closed that, all traces of it except for the containing folder and some remnant bit remained. Tried to reinstall from the latest download, same error, deleted the folder and tried again, same error.

So, I went here and saw the installation issues thread but there wasn't really anything that pertained to what I had. I did try to install the .NET 3.0 framwork thing, but when I tried to install, it said I had to do something in turn windows features on/off, however when I looked in there, there was nothing showing, really, there was nothing in that window.

Any ideas here?I've had Paint.NET for a long time (years really) without problems, so I don't know what's up with it. Also, I haven't flushed the recycle bin yet, I guess I'll put that folder into desktop in case theres any clues that can be gained from it

Edit: I attempted to do the MSI thing here and ran into problems. Besides the fact that I got the same message about a problem with Paint.NET (.160 something) and saying that there was a fatal error during installation, there is something wierd going on with the files that are in there and when I tried to run that unpack command, it said it couldn't find the file. I'm not sure if they are what you call MSI, but they are windows installer packages.

First, in the folder that was origionally there, there is a folder called staging, and in there, there are three MSI files (I think they are), one from February (haven't updated for that long I guess), the other two being from today which are strangely an hour apart and have different numbers. Same thing for the second folder, except its 20 minutes apart and with totally different numbers. I honestly have no clue what to do at this point.

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'160 something' might be the 1603 error. We have something on that in the pinned thread on installation issues.

Sounds like you're going to have to resort to the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility to remove any trace of Paint.net before you try to reinstall. Same thread has the details.

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