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matt0815 Abstract Images - have new images post! 5.10.2016


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very cool pics,sometime they look like on a drug trip.especial the last one i had already seen in my past.;):D:roll:


i dont take any drugs - coffe and tea thats me:)

Great abstracts. The purplish one looks king-like...the colors a kind would wear. The rainbowy is just beautiful and the dispersed effect gives it a nice touch.




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You have some of the coolest looking abstracts I have seen on here. I started looking at your gallery yesterday (while at work, shhhh) and was jotting down which ones I liked the most..... well lets say the list got much to long to mention them all in one reply! But I have to say, this last one you posted is just amazing! Keep up the good work and keep sharing!


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With a little work and some text, that could actually be a logo for a big-shot video game. Good work.

'Civil disobedience is still disobedience.'


'↑ And that is how you confuse an atomic computer. ↑'


▬ Xžε⌐¡z○╖

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