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'Defaults' button in 'Save configuration' dialog


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There is a small issue with the 'Defaults' button I'm fighting with in a file type plugin.

Because the space for settings is limited I'm adapting the ui depending on the current settings.

For this I set the 'Autosize' property in my SaveConfigWidget() constructor to true (this.AutoSize = true;).

This works fine in most cases and the 'Defaults' button moves depending on the size of the plugin panel.

But if the user unfolds a setting to show some sub settings the 'Defaults' button keeps it location and covers some of the controls.

It works in the case that unfolding forces Paint.NET to show a vertical scrollbar for the plugin panel.

Is there something I can do in the plugin to trigger the owner of the plugin panel to adapt the position of the 'Defaults' button?

Or could Paint.NET be changed to react on a size change of the plugin panel?

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The following three screenshots show the problem.

1 => 2: Changed "Page Size" to "A4" which sets some additional layout controls to visible. The "Defaults" button does not move.

2 => 3: Changed "Encryption" to "High" which sets some additional encryption controls to visible. The "Defaults" button" moves because the panel reachs the maximum size and has to show the vertical slider.

I do not set the position of the controls. Just changing the visibility. The rest is done by the TableLayoutPanel logic.

The dll is not ready in the moment, maybe next weekend.


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One thing you might try, at least in the interim, is to force a layout pass of the entire form. From your control, use FindForm(), and then call its PerformLayout() method.

Are you sure you can't just use IndirectUI?

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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Are you sure you can't just use IndirectUI?

No idea about IndirectUI. From what I could find in the forum: IndirectUI is a way to describe UI controls with a language extension and it is used for effects plugins. Maybe a reference would be nice.

But I do not have a good idea about C#. I just know what I teached me in the last month to get the ui to run.

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