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Is there a Paint.Net manual for Newbies?

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I just downloaded paintnet. I feel like I was just born. I really need help. Is there a manual, or somewhere to go to understand it all. I would just like to make funny, pretty, and quircky pics. I saw somewhere that you have to download other things. Can someone give me an idea of what I need to do now? Also, how do I get my pics in the program? TOLD you I am very new, even to computers. I'm the old lady who wants to be a pro. Any help sure would be appreciated.

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Hi jfbg and welcome, first of I would recommend you read the rules here ( mods dont like threads with "help me I'm new" or variations of it in the title, it clutters up the boards) The other things you can download are called plugins, but I would not bother with them yet, just learn the basics first. Here would be a good place to start CLICK ME and remember to check out the galleries to see what can be accomplished with perseverance.

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Hi jtbg, welcome to the forum!

Minners71 is quite correct about the topic title. We require that topics on this forum have descriptive titles so they can be searched easily.

From your title "I'm sooooooooo new, I don't understand anything" we have no idea what you're asking for. The subtitle is a little more helpful, but it still doesn't actually contain your query.

Tell you what - because you're new here I'll edit your title for you. I'm a good guy like that boltbait.lol.png

The best way to learn the basics of paint.net (or PDN as we often call it) - try pressing F1 in PDN and you'll be taken to the online help files. There's loads of good info in there.

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