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Downloading Source code from behind firewall


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I see the zip file containing the source code is on a url using port 8080. I am in Iraq using a very strict govt network, I can not download anything on port 8080. I would like to keep my C# skills sharp while I am away by playing with this source code. Can anyone mirror the file for me using the standard port 80? Or even email me the file at


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Remove the Coral stuff from the URL; download from http://www.getpaint.net/files/zip/pdn_src_2_72.zip

Don't do this unless you have problems; Rick has set it up this way to lower the bandwidth.

I had problems downloading it at work and at home until I did this, so it isn't just the paranoid military network.

Keep the faith, brother, and stay safe.


Desert Storm veteran 1991

Iraqi Freedom veteran 2003-2004

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