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List your favortie band/genre/artist/song

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Its not paint.net :oops:

a very good friend of mine made it in a 3d program.

(I think it was called 3d max )

3D Studio Max?

Its off topic i know:

Yes, its 3d studio max ( im 99% sure)

Heres a bigger version


And because this is not spam

I have another favourite song:

The adventure, by Angels and Airwaves.

Genre: alternativ-rock

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Hmm, favorite band. Have to go with Led Zeppelin

As for genre, it doesn't matter. I listen to most.

Artist, well must throw in Ted Nugent even though he may not be the favorite.

Since it is Chirstmas time why not go with Snoopy's Christmas by The Royal Guardsmen as the favorite song.

None of these are concrete except with Zep. Most of the time I find classical music goes great with coding. My musical tastes bascially start to fade as you enter the 90's.

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I find classical music goes great with coding

Gonna have to try that sometime...

I have actually found myself singing in Swahili recently, even though I know not a word of the language...

But when I am not half crazy or brain dead...wait. Hrmph. Does "Anything but rap and country" serve as a good marker? And that includes music from Preatoris to Sheppard to Bach to Pink Floyd...


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