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I really, really, super dooper really love the banner in your gallery. It's so amazing and the mountain is so cool! The "cells" image is fascinating--I'm thinking and thinking how you did the shape of them like that. The spaceship, the 1980's poster, the planets, the animations--wow! You've created breath-taking work. I also like how you followed Barbie's tut. The jewel and golden design is remarkable!

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Wings: What a beautiful image. Awesome! diagona.032.png

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Thanx guys, realy means a lot to me...

been busy.. getting to check the main forum every now and then, but not a ot of time, realy should have gotten back here sooner

in reverse orde then

eer- wings is one of my favorites . was orriginally suposed to be a headdress for and anime, but that never actually went anywhere.. still i love the image

welsh- that background started out as a checkerboard black and white.. but at the moment i cant remember what else i di.. ill have to check my notes, wiith any luck i wrot e it down

yellow.. huh well ill be, i didnt notice that either, now it bugs me

helen- the cells were simple realy.. each ellement on a seperate layer and the waves distortion run

minners- thanx

AGJM - the tut is by yellowman http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/14098-3d-engraved-text/ as for the guns themselves i pulled silhouetes from google images and used them as an alpha mask for the cut outs

Barbieq25 - thanx so much... you and welsh are my favorite artists on here, not that the others arent very good.. its just that yalls styles are what i prefer.. so your approval means a whole lot to me :D


SARCASM- Just one of the many services I offer free to the public.

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These are my favorites, in no particular order:


Eclipse reminds me of the movie Pitch Black. I can see the sky going dark and a sense of dread setting in. Very nice!


This one gives a sense of urgency and the title is very fitting. "Oh, bloody potato!" is right!


For some reason, this one puts me in mind of the chamber in a revolver. The colors are just awesome!

Overall, you've got a strong gallery here. I'm diggin' it!

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