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How to set text color?

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I am trying to do some very basic stuff. I have a brown background and I want white letters on top of it. I have tried setting the Primary color to white and the Secondary color to brown, vice versa, and also setting both Primary and Secondary to white. No matter what I do, my letters don't show up, presumably because they are brown.

How do I get white text to actually show up on a brown background? Thanks!

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you seem to be doing it right... unless you have a small selection active.. try hitting Ctrl-D then adding text

tips to help.. put the text on a seperate layer.. that way you can look at just that layer and see if your text is right--make surethe text layer ia ABOVE the background layer also make sure that your text is big enough to be seen.. when working with a lver large cancvas and very small letters.. some fonts just dissapear

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Make the background first, then add text on top.

1. use paint bucket tool to fill background with brown

2. add new layer (not necessary, but recommended if you wish to move the text after you deselect it)

3. type text on new layer (with primary color set to white)

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