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.RAW files

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So, I got to thinking, why don't I go through the entire plugin index searching for all the filetypes I could possibly need? So I did. I downloaded more filetypes than I will ever need...except for one. There are so many .raw filetype plugins that I can't decide on which to download :/ If anyone out there uses a raw filetype plugin, would you mind telling me which plugin is the most functional/best? Thanks! :)

While I'm on the topic of filetypes, is .ogg an image filetype as well as audio and video? A friend of mine was asking if paint.net could save as .ogg and I was all o.0 because I couldn't figure out why you would save an image as a video file. I took a look at wikipedia and google and that only confused me more, so if anyone could give a simple explanation of .ogg files, that would be great ;)

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This I think helps more than wiki.

It says .ogg is a file type that encapsulates raw video and/or audio data.

I've tried to learn about this stuff before, and came across 'encapsulate' but I'm still not 100% sure on the point of it. Part of the issue is that I don't really know much about how codecs and other things are used. I sorta get that a filetype that encapsulates data is really just a 'container' for the data, not exactly a codec which encodes/decodes the data (as far as I understand it. My terminology may be waaay off).

Idk if this answers your first question. I don't know any advantages between RAW filetypes for PDN (because I don't know of any) and I don't know the purpose to RAW images. I get that it's 100% of all the data from the actual image capture, but how is that different between .png?

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You know there is a list of filetypes don't you? Post number #7 in the thread ;) (Don't tell me you went through the entire list manually?)

RE: Raw file format.

In order of release the plugins are:


Another Raw File Loader


RAW File

Rawload v1.0

Me, I'd start with the most recent release (i.e. the last in this list), and work my way backwards if necessary.

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Do you even have a camera that outputs RAW files? If not, then why do you need a RAW filetype?

And no, PdN can't save as OGG. It also can't save as MP3. What's the point?

(Don't read this as snarky. It's not. :-))


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