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Image vsync isue

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This might not be much of a issue but when you zoom in a image and start scrolling up and down quickly, you will notice the image will temp not sync up with the screen. I tested it with windows paint and it does not happen at all when doing the same action. Well I am just notifying you.

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It's probably just lag on your system - struggling to keep up.

MS Paint is an entirely different product and can no way be compared. That's like saying my Lamborghini and your mountain bike are both transportation devices and therefore should perform the same.

(I don't really own a Lambo)

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hmm I'll just place my specs on my system and let you decide if my system can't keep up.

Toshiba Satellite L755-S5271

Windows 7 x64 Home Premium

Intel i3-210M 2.10GHz

4GBs ram

Intel HD Graphics 3000 (Max memory 1696MBs)

Screen: 1366X768

Note: I doubt its my system since I tested that aliasing issue after rebooting

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