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Hello everyone.

Haven't posted to the forums in ages as I spend most of my time cranking out new stuff, but I want to thank you all for your contributions as Paint.Net's one of my prime tools and I have you all to thank for what I've been able to learn over the last few years. So thanks, guys.

And to Rick Brewster, his team and all you fantastic plug in developers - well, you all rock.

Hopefully this thread will suffice to prove that people can use Paint.Net for just about anything.

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Kharma Macchiato


This is the realization of a little project that actually started way back in 2008. I'd been doing a series of coffee-related images and had this black and white Yin-Yang symbol in front of me, wondering how that might look as the creamy surface of an espresso coffee drink called a macchiato.

I opened it in Paint.Net and changed the colors from black and white to umber and tan. Then I used pyrochild's Twist 1.0 plug-in to create a series of transforms, swirling it gradually from the original Yin-Yang symbol to a stirred espresso with cream.

The next step was to create a few more images superimposing the final swirl over the Yin-Yang in a series making the final image progessively more transparent.

The series is 42 images long, each one saved in Paint.Net as a GIF image.

I then used a free GIF animation program called UnFREEze to interlace the 42 GIF images to an animated GIF.


I was so pleased with this result I didn't carry it forward to the full realization of the concept until last week. The round image was really just a proof-of-concept test to see how my idea would work and the ultimate idea was to then take this animation and feature it as the top of a caffee macchiato.

I resized the entire series of 42 images into smaller ellipses to fit a rendering of the espresso cup and spoon, again saving the finals as GIFs and animating the result using UnFREEze.

Oh - the original GIF seemed a bit too sepia in tone, so I also used Paint.Net's Hue/Saturation to shift to colors to a richer & more reddish sienna.

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That idea is brilliant and the animation well done. How did you bend the animation from a circle to an elipse? I didn't think animations could be opened in Paint.net

Well, Thanks! How'd I bend the animation? To be honest, the first test -- the circular version -- was one animation. For the second one I re-sized (copies of) each image to flatten the rounds to ellipses. Had to mess around a bit testing how to position each one uniformly 'behind' the cup drawing, which acted as sort of a picture frame. Then flattened each layer to save as a new series. Hope that description makes sense. So it was each of the stills that were made ellipses.

As for opening GIF animations in Paint.Net I seem to recall someone posting about a plug in -- Simon Brown's Animated GIF reader/maker. I think I was in noob mode when I tried to use it so I did it all manually.

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