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"Not Tech Support"

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The forum description states "Talk about other stuff in here. Keep it clean and reasonably intelligent!" This indicates it's meant for just about anything else, related to pdn or not. I came here to ask a tech support type question, but was stopped when I saw various other posts locked and a new announcement prohibitting such posting. Well, it's your program, your forum, your rules... but perhaps you should consider a few things based on the popularity of these type of posts.

  • [*:a0a80]Allowing tech support in The Overflow.
    [*:a0a80]Making a seperate board for everything off topic, or specifically for tech support, and edit the description of The Overflow to specify it's still meant for PDN discussion only.

Just ideas.

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I agree with Hellfire. I don't see why such topics should be locked and destroyed in a frenzy of doom.

I don't see how this is different to other topics like these.

9th grade math help


This isn't a 9th grade math help forum so why was that ok?

C# Random number question


simililarly, this isn't a C# help forum so why was this ok?

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I'm sorry you disagree. Anyway this isn't up for discussion -- this isn't a tech support forum, and discussing it more and painting this as extremist won't change my decision. We can argue forum taxonomy all day but in the end it's my call.


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