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Lava Text


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I did this for a friend of mine, and thought a tutorial might come out handy for those that might need it.

You will need the Metallize Plugin & Bevel Selection which is in Boltbaits pack.

This is what you will be making:



1. New document @ 800 X 300 pixels

2. On a new layer create text. I've used Diavlo Black @ 192 size.

3. Set Magic Wand tolerance to zero, flood mode to global and select outside of text... then invert selection.

4. Apply a linear gradient (black & white) over selection.

5. Bevel Selection at 5.


6. Deselect and apply gaussian blur at 5.

7. Apply AA's Assistant with all settings set to far right.

8. Duplicate Text Layer and repeat the above from steps 3 through to 7... ignoring step 4.

9. In layer properties, change the mode to negation then merge layer down.

10. Select Color Balance (in adjustments) and set red to 50 and yellow to -25


11. Duplicate layer again, and in noise choose median. Drag Percentile down to zero and leave Radius on 10.

12. Select Brightness / Contrast, and change contrast to 75.

13. Go to Dents and set scale to 50 - all elsse to remain default.

14. Select gaussian blur @ 5 and then merge layer down.

15. Run AA's Assistant again at same settings as before.


16. Duplicate layer again and go to bottom text layer.

17. Again apply median, however this time change percentile to 90.

18. Go back into brightness contrast, leaving contrast at 75 and change Brightness to -20.

19. Go back into upper layer, and select dents. Set scale to 20, refraction to 40, and roughness to 100.

20. Merge layer down.

21. Apply gaussian blur at 4, and run AA's Assistant again at above settings.

22. Run Metallize. Disable Gray Scale, and choose type 1 with angle set at 305.

23. Go to dents again. Set scale to 200, refraction to 5 and roughness to 35.

24. Make background black if desired.



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Bevel Selection = BoltBait's plugin pack. Find it in the Plugin Index (link in my sig)

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"Do. Or do not. There is no try" - Yoda boltbait.mrgreen.png

Actually, Duke, I think you have a rather nice take on the tutorial. It looks like your lava has cooled on the surface a bit, like it does. Good job.

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If you do 2 times the color balance thing at the end with the settings like before you will get liquid gold. :P







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