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selection adjustment

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Ahhhhhh! as long as you grab the corner handles

Thank you yellowman

now is there a way to make size fine adjustment using the keyboard?

Dang. Now that, I don't think is possible, however I've never actually tried. So it Might be possible

Here's a few options if it isn't though

1) You could zoom in to the corner, thereby making it easier to slowly adjust the size pixel by pixel

2) You could copy your selection and paste it into a new canvass, then use the resize option so you could manually enter in exactly how big you want it. Then copy and paste it back into your original canvass

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now is there a way to make size fine adjustment using the keyboard?

I believe it is not possible, why? Simple answer,

Let's say you have a rectangle selection of an aspect ratio of 2:1, that means if you add one pixel to the width you need half pixel to add to the height, and that is not possible by key board arrows.

However you can resize the selection by adding or subtracting the exact (integer) amount of pixels according to the aspect ratio, I really don't know how to explain it better than this,

Check this example:

Lets say you made a rectangle selection of a fixed aspect ratio of 3:2 and you want to size it down or up, so what you need to do is :

-Use Move Selection tool :MoveSelectionTool:

-Click and hold the corner

-Press the left or right arrow key three times to fine adjust the width (according to direction of the corner you are holding), then press up or down arrow twice to fine adjust the height,

hope its clear.

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Um... arrow keys are on the keyboard. Aren't they?

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