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Error reading TGA files.


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I have noticed a bug in Paint.NET during a TGA file opening.

Once opened, the image does not appear as it really is.

The TGA file which produced this bug is a 8bpp non-compressed color-mapped ".tga" image file with a 16bpp color map.

It have a file footer, an extension area and a postage stamp image inside, but no developer directory.

It have an image identifier of 26 characters just after the file header.

Its color map length is 512 bytes, and the image data length is 16384 bytes.

I just posted this message after my image processing library opened this image and convert it to a bmp file correctly.

Then, I opened the tga picture with paint.NET and it appears this bug.

I noticed this bug in the software Photofiltre (but the image appears differently).

The software XnView can not open this image too.

The image is not corrupted because I have succeeded to read it correctly.

I can not post the image link because I don't remember where I found it.

If you are interested, I will send you this picture by e-mail.



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