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HI, I am new

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Hi all I am new to paint and I must say I am still getting use to all the features. I am using 2.72. Just wandering through the many forums A&Q's etc. have not found anything that would answer my q's.

1, is there a smudge tools available? or can I achive the same effect another way?

2, I am into the glitters and sparkles..yes I am a girl..LOL. I can get the glitter effect but have been using a home made sparkle and importing from layers...not working for me at all. is there any other suggestions? or will this feature be available at a later date? I refuse to get psp just for a sparkle effect. :? thanks in advance. :D

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The simplest way I can give you the glitter would be to take what you want to be glittered, IE select it, and then make your colors say pink and white, FG color, the top one being pink, and add noise to it, move the bottom slider down so it goes monochromatic, then after that, maybe add some glow to it.

Smudge can be done, but not very easily, the only real automated filter is the gradient tool in 3.0, so we probably won't be getting a tool for that any time soon, you can just take a 1 pixel brush on a new layer, and move it where you want to be smudged, then probably do a motion blur in the angle you want it to smudge, then erase the other parts..

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