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Enhancing Select Tool(s)?

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In my opinion i think the Ellipse Select Tool could be a little more ellipse (even in a 800% zoom). In this image we see that the ellipse tool starts out as a small square; than it will gradually become a circle. i'm not against it but i do think there should be an option for you to pick, in the Ellipse Select Tool options, between a pixelated circle or a perfect circle.


The same can be said about the Rectangle Select Tool when it is rotated.

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there is a problem with your reasoning-- absolutly nothing on your screen is perfectly curved, its all made of pixels which are square. the smallest elipse selection would be one pixel, which would make the selection square. as you expand this selection it gains the appearance of being rounded, but in reality that is a trick of the eyes. it still expands in square steps, as you add more pixels


SARCASM- Just one of the many services I offer free to the public.

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