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any new selection tool plugins?

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hi, im allways trying to select parts of an image to highlight that are straight lines but not at 90degree angles so the square select tool is useless and ive goto use the free form lasso select thats usually impossible to get straight,

are there any plugins that work similar to the line/curve tool but as a selection tool not a drawing tool.

sure its possible to just rotate the whole image to correct the angle different (then after selecting return it to the original angle) but rotating images allways degrades it so not ideal

another trick is line/curve around the part wanting to delete, using a contrasting color, then magic wand that and delete, but that leaves all the edge pixels behind so not ideal either

i really want that line/curve tool as a selection tool, any chance it been made as a plugin?

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nope. you can't make a selection using a plugin. plugins are limited by selections made. Did you try putting the line/curves on a new layer?

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After using the :RectangleSelectTool: Square Select, you can use the :MoveSelectionTool: Move Selection tool and right click a selection nub to rotate the selection freely. That's the selection, not the image.

You can also use Shift while rotating the selection to constrict the selection to 15 degree steps.


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