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Make a 3D-Shield Icon

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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

Moderators notes: Pictures provided by ReMake to eliminate the Photobucket logo and to move it from the Graveyard.

We are making this:


Plugins Needed:

Splinter Blur---- in Ed-Harvey's Effects

Engrave/Emboss---- in Toli's Effects

Alpha Mask---- by Illnab1024

Color Balanca---- by dpy








Also you can use it on text and other shapes and templates:


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Thank you very much HELEN and Sand33P.

@ jim100361 good result, for more smooth edges, check this video

There was a question about an effect like this, and this 3D text is a result of the video:


OK, so I went all out and combined a few things and created this (thanx for the 3D lettering tutorial):


Utilizing another tutorial for the metal finish, once I had the plaque constructed, I then cleared the center, saved it as a .gif then imported it over the metal center that you now see, which was shaped using the alpha thingy (lol). It probably would've been a tad better if the dark bottom and light top were inverted to more closely coincide with the outline though.

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Well, here is my take on the technique using a gradient kaleidoscope as the base image. Backdrop and drop shadows added to give it some additional definition as it is rather faint or too odd looking on a simpler backdrop. Also loses some of the 3D element as well without the shadow ... odd as that may seem.

Click for larger:


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Thanks go to @ReMake for providing new pictures for this tutorial. Thus moving it from the Graveyard and eliminating the Photobucket logo.

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