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Sig Battle's has gone dead.


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Personally, I never understood how the whole voting system worked in sig battles.

Only 2 people can battle at once and they cannot vote in said battle. Voters should not just say I vote for sig A without saying why,

for example: I vote for sig A ( is not good enough reason to cast vote) Where as I vote for sig A because it has great flow and the colours work well together ( Is a much better vote ). When casting vote write both ID's down and any score they already have while adding your vote to the sig you like best.

So in the current sig battle the Rooking is vs The Howler and they had 1 vote each, I voted for The Howler so write down why and tally the score

ie: Rooking I like yours but not a big fan of render sigs

The Howler I like how you have thought outside the box and how the pixelation works with the image.

Rooking 1

The Howler 2

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