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Suggestion of a Tool


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I don't know if it's possible, but maybe someone could make a tool like Color Picker, except it would be called Font Picker.. I don't know if it's been made for paint.net or not. I figure this would be hard, but here's how it would work:

You'd take a screenshot from a site and select the letter of which you want the font from with the tool.


It would then have you directly using the font that you "picked" from the letter in the screenshot


If you don't have the font that you are trying to "pick" from the picture, a popup would come up telling you what font is being used inside the picture.


And that's basically it..! Again, I haven't found anything like this on paint.net and I'm hoping someone would make a tool like this... It would really be helpful!

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^what he said

If you don't have a font, I don't see any way you could get a pop-up telling you what it is unless there is some database loaded with every font that has ever been created. Also, many times, it is difficult to match up fonts perfectly, hence the fact that "whatthefont" gives you a selection of possible fonts.

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