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RGB to CMYK Help

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Hi guys, new to forum and stuggling big style. Apologies if this has been discussed, but couldn't find the info i was looking for. I'm making car stickers using paint.net, so basically i get a pic from a client, i make background transparent and then have to clean up the edges (animals so its lots of fiddly work). Anyhow, my printers say my artwork is ok but for them it needs to be in CMYK format instead of RGB. Is this something paint.net can do?

I've downloaded the RGB2CMYK thing but then didn't know where to save it as couldnt find the respective file in the file location.

can anyone help me please?

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GIMP, I believe, can save as CMYK, so once you finish in PDN, you can take it over to GIMP to convert it.

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