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Opal Tutorial


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

This is my first tutorial, so please bear with me.

For this tutorial you will need Color Aberation and Shape 3D.

1. Create a new canvas 800 by 600.
2. Render clouds with a scale of 530 and a roughness of .58. (Effects>Render>Clouds...)
3 Now use Color Aberation with these settings; (Effects>Color>Color Aberation...)
4.Resize the canvas to 700 by 525 (Ctrl+Shift+R)(Image>Canvas Size...).
It should look similar to this (But about 3 times bigger);
5.Apply Shape3D to the image like this; (Effects>Render>Shape3D...)
(Don't forget to turn off lighting)(And probably turn on Anti-Alias at about 3.)
And that's the end of my first tutorial!

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Check out my gallery/archive: here


Just keep on keeping on. ✌

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You can edit posts. It's easy. :-)


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Here's my attempt. The opal tutorial is awesome. This is my first attempt at framing an object. I guessed at what minners71 did to get a silver frame around the opal. I went with a dadaist [if i may be so bold hehe] impression but I think the frame misses just a tad in the depth perception. minners71, any chance of getting a tut on making frames?


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I based my piece on this tut but I didn't like the results so I kinda went my own way with it.

This looks more like an opal to me, specifically a black opal.


Black Opal.jpg

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