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Is anybody else watching 'Dopesick'

I highly recommend it.

I don't think 'Oxycontin' got to the UK, thank god.

I didn't realise how addictive it was and how bent  the 'Perdue company' was.




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14 hours ago, Manc said:

Is anybody else watching 'Dopesick'


That's on my 'to watch' list.  😁  Been watching so much TV lately... 🙄  But, there's nothing else to do...

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On 10/26/2021 at 8:12 PM, BoltBait said:

I'm really looking forward to Nov 19th to see the live action version [of Cowboy Bebop] on Netflix.


Finished it and I must say that's they've done an amazing job all around. It is not easy to transition from anime to live action.


The music is awesome. The casting is awesome*.  The stories are different, but good. The fight scenes seem fewer and further between,** but they're well done. The world building was spot on. They've really captured the mood of the original. But, they've changed the base story and true fans of the anime are not going to be happy about that--*I* wasn't happy about that.  They kinda picked-and-chose characters and plot lines and mixed things up. It's not bad, per se, but purists will be butthurt.


Ugh! How long until next season?! (Where I'm hoping it's more of the "bounty of the week" variety.)


*with the exception of Julia. In the original she was the perfect woman. In this, she's just comes off as manipulative. Spike wouldn't give her a second look.  And I'm not sure the character Radical Edward is going to work live action. We do get a tease at the end of season 1, but it remains to be seen...

**The original show focused mostly on the bounties and the Vicious/Fearless was the backstory that tied everything together. In this show, it's the opposite.


Bottom Line: Casual fans of the original show will probably like this new show, but not as much as the original.  Fanatics of the original will probably hate it--haters gonna hate.  Honestly, it's like watching the movie after reading the book.


EDIT: Boy, is this show getting ripped to shreds by the critics.  Don't listen to them--it's not that bad.



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Jeez...I might have to finally relent and get Disney+.  I'm missing so much content that I like...(Marvel franchise, etc...)

I'll be re-thinking my cable before long.

Thanks @toe_head2001, that trailer was very informative...filling in a big gap in the overall storyline.

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Recently got hooked on Genndy Tartakovsky's PRIMAL.




This is a cartoon you will NOT want to show kids.

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