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Currently re-watching Digimon Tamers. Personally, I never thought Digimon, especially Tamers was really a kids show. Tamers is a favorite season to most. And I love it. I can't the sad ending out of my head after a year.

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Just watched the first episode of the new Red Dwarf season and was overjoyed to find it funny :) some great scenes especially the moose part :):):)

Also just finished watching episode 2 of season 7 Dexter and looking forward to next week and the same for episode 2 season 2 of Homeland O.O Clare Danes what an actress and stunnig looking as well ;)

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@Welsh, have you given Homeland a chance I thought the same after soo much 24, but Clare Danes acting is so good I just have to watch it she is the female equivalent of Bryan cranston in Breaking Bad ( another show you really need to see, have yet to hear of anyone who doesn't rank this as their fav show )

Looking forward to Walking Dead as well should be ready to watch by the time I get home from work tonight :)

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... is Seattle really as wet as they portray ?

Yes. The whole state of Washington is one big rain puddle.

Some of my favorite series, past and present, in no particular order:

Big Bang Theory-It took me a while to get around to watching this series, but once I did, I was hooked.

Heroes-It got pretty lame in the third season, but I still liked it.

Smallville-After a rocky start with a cheesy first season, this show really took off and explored the mythos of one of the oldest and most beloved heroes in comic book history.

Supernatural-It's like watching a different horror flick every week, with great characters and compelling stories. And let's not forget the Metallicar!

Breaking Bad-Hands down, one of the best shows on television.

Sex and the City-Anyone who says this is a chick's series has never watched it.

Dexter-A serial killer who channels his Dark Passenger into something constructive by targeting other killers? What's not to love?

Castle-Another good one if you're a fan of Nathan Fillion.

The Walking Dead-I'm usually not a fan of anything pertaining to zombies, but TWD is so well-written, it's hard not to get sucked in.

Drop Dead Diva-A show about a model who dies and comes back in the body of a plus-sized lawyer. This show deals with the subject of body image issues in a sensitive manner. And Brooke Elliott is just beautiful!

And last, but not least, my absolute FAVORITE television series of all time:

Firefly-One of the most original, creative and abused shows in the history of television. To FOX, I only have one thing to say: Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

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^ Our household is a big fan of 'our Dave'. The only other person who presents with such utter clarity is Simon Schama (A History of Britain & The Power of Art.)

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we have (at home on dvd that is, since we are series collectors)


Supernatural S1-S5

Grey's Anatomy S1-S7

Ghost whisperer S1-S3

Castle S1-S3


Boston Legal S1-S2

The tudors S1-S4 / complete

That 70's show S1-S8 / complete

Vampire Diaries S1-S3

One Three Hill S1-S7

The Mentalist S1-S3

Prison Break S1-S4 / complete

Medium S1-S2


gosh, that's a lot.... well my fav is : don't know... we are now watching Medium

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I finally finished my House, M.D. marathon of all episodes from beginning to end. 

I simply LOVED the ending. I know some people don't like it, but here's my rational (in spoiler tags in case you haven't seen it.)

The entire show, House was an < no swearing > to everyone even his best friend, Wilson. But, in the end, when things really mattered, House gave up EVERYTHING to be with his friend. To me, that totally made up for his behavior for 8 seasons. He really was a true friend.

For those that want closure more than was shown... after the final episode, just watch the movie

Easy Rider (1969)

. That's pretty much what I imagine happens next.

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Love fringe and John Noble is a fantastic actor who deserves recognition for his portrayal of Walter Bishop ( its a shame only one actor can win an Emmy every year because he is so deserving,yet cannot deney the actors who have beaten him Bryan Cranston and Damien Lewis ) Its gonna be a mixed day of emotions when the show ends,I will miss it but at the same time be glad that it came to a natural end and didn't get canned like so many other shows have.


Both Dexter and Homeland finished last night and both went out with a bang litterally,can't wait for the new seasons of both.

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