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How to create a 3D-Book

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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it



Hey folks,

I've made a tutorial on how you create a 3D-looking Book in Paint.NET (advanced)

you can find the full PDF here (DeviantArt) or get the ZIP file here (28MB)

Step 1


Start with importing a cover of a Book

Step 2


Go to "Rotate and Zoom" and follow the screenshot

Step 3


Duplicate the Layer...

Step 4


...and scale down the upper one.

Step 5


Set it behind layer 1

Step 6


Adjust the brightness

Step 7


Draw a line from point A to point B. You can create a new layer for that behind the 2nd but you can also just draw on the one you just have darkened.

Step 8


Step 9


Bring together layer 1 and 2...

Step 10


..and add a new layer again. Here you draw a thin white line from A to B

Step 11


Set the Gaussian Blur to something around 4 - Now you have a nice looking edge

Step 12


Bring together all of your layers, duplicate the result and scale down the upper Layer again. This will be the back of your book

Step 13


Match the 2nd layer to the right 3D-perspective

Step 14


Set down the 2nd layer and add a new one between layer 1 (Back) and 2 (Cover)

Step 15


Draw a line from A to B...

Step 16


...and connect the ends on the right with a line

Step 17


Fill out the area

Step 18


Duplicate your 'Paper'-layer

Step 19


Add Noise to the upper one

Step 20


Step 21


Add Motion Blur to the upper one

Step 22


Step 23


Select an area from the middle of your upper 'Paper'-layer...

Step 24


...and stretch it

Step 25


Now select your lower 'Paper'-layer, select the 'Wand'-tool and select a transparent region

Step 26


Select your upper 'Paper'-layer again without klicking somewhere else before and delete the selected area

Combine the 2 'Paper'-layers and duplicate the result again

Step 27


Adjust the brightness of the upper layer

Step 28


Select the 'Gradient'-tool and set it to transparency-mode. Now draw a shadow from left to right. For the best result you can hold Ctrl while sliding horizontally.

Step 29


Now you can add a shadow if you want but this is not necessary ;)

Step 30


Voila! ;) (and let me see your results :P)


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This is a wonderful tutorial, but is not easy based on the fact it is minimal instructions and more pictures showing you what to do. You often have no idea what effect to use because it is in German, but nonetheless, nice to know how to make decent books.

Attached it my result.

It seems to be aliased (pixely) around the paper, and there is a grey line at the top of my book. But, I'd still use this book of spells and potions.

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Also, you should probably add English translations to the German words on the screen. This is supposed to be an English-only forum, and although having the German on there isn't a bad thing (and I know what they are because I'm familiar with the program), a lot of people will probably be a bit confused.

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