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Any method to easily re-create this neon effect?

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I used Paint.NET modify a keyboard theme for my android phone. The end result of the keyboard is


I changed it from Purple and blue, to red and orange, but that was just editing the hue/saturation and brightness/contrast. What I need help with, is making that same effect, but applying it to other things... This is how the image looks up very close unchanged.


Is it possible to recreate the above image easily? P.s. I know the keyboard looks weird with blue letters, I haven't figured out how to edit that color yet..

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Your both awesome, thanks a lot, I appreciate it. I will use yellowman's method because it is much easier for me to understand, beings I don't know much about Paint.NET haha. But nonetheless thanks, I'll see what I can do with it. I definitely wanna make a dialer though with that neon effect.

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To draw up the pixel shape, use Pencil, five pixels with blue then reduce the opacity to about half and paint the other pixels


I'm stuck at your last step. I'm not understanding how all that blur happens haha. Could you please explain step 4 more for me. I set the blend mode and blur, but from there I'm lost.

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did you make sure to duplicate the layer first? the blend mode and blur should be on the top layer

EDIT: yellowman y u so fast!? lol :roll:

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OK, check this video of the method :

Thanks so much. I honestly did not think someone would go out of their way to do something like a video explaining how to do something, it is greatly appreciated. If I ever do make like a full android theme, I will give credit to you for the help.

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