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Trying for Paint.net, Getting Gimp

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Tada! Paint.NET

OK, from there it goes to another download page with several places to click and download. The one at the bottom gets caught by my school's filter (I'm a school librarian) so I click on the one that says "Get 3.5.8" in the top right of the page. This takes me to:


Is that right?

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Nope. try this one:


easy mistake to make, the adverts are huge boltbait.tongue.png

http://www.dotpdn.co...nloads/pdn.html - this link should do it

when on the page where you were getting gimp- you actualy click the PDN name,

sorry mountnman, I was already on the page before you posted. boltbait.tongue.png

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That's exactly the link I was using, but thankfully, I remembered that I had saved the 3.5.8 installer in my Dropbox last spring. So it is now installed and all is well!

Thank you for the prompt and friendly help! I'll remember you guys next time I have a question! ;-)


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