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Feature request: Show only the active layer

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Sometimes I'm getting photoshop files with hundreds of layers.

I'm really happy that I'm able to open them in Paint.NET.

But because of the amount of layers it is sometimes difficult to figure out which detail is on which layer.

And to switch off layers up to the point that only the layer in question is left is little bit painful.


Add an additional button at the bottom of the layers window.

If the button is selected then only the active layer is visible in the main window and not a merge of the visible layers.

You may then activate one layer after the other to check the content.

Maybe if the button is selected then this could overwrite the visiblity attribute of the layer temporary.

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I agree ... that can be very handy to show only active layer when desired.

Another ideas about Layers ... hope can be also supported and voted as "Yes, would be nice to have":

1) Layer Properties, menu Mode must be extended !!! Currently I always use BlendModes Pluse Plugin, which has much more options in Mode menu. Would be really nice to include this list (or maybe even add some new options) in standard Layer Properties window.

2) Photoshop has a possibility to define a Layer as "Smart Object" ... would be nice to have the same feature in Paint.Net. That will also allow to do UNDO operations applicable only to active layer. I think that can be a very cool feature !!!


These are my suggestiong regarding Layers.

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From the Popular Feature Requests:

Layer "folders", or the ability to organize layers in a hierarchy -- I want this too, and it depends on some major plumbing work being done. This would be a 4.x feature. No ETA.

Adjustment layers -- I want this too. I have some cool ideas in this space, but no ETA. Hopefully for 4.0!

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