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Le Parkour, Trials?


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Anyone participate in these? I know most people on this forum are over 20, But I see tons of people over 20, actually, In Trials, When I compete, I'am running against people that are over 20, everyone of them are, i'am the only kid in my 'class'. But anyways, does anyone participate in Trials, Motorcycle or bicycle, or Le Parkour, The Art Of Free Running?

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I really want to get into parkour I just got to get in better shape first, haha. Oh yea, and the area I live in is pretty flat if you know what I mean. It's hard enough just to find a place to skate. How long have you been doing it Picc84?


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Call me Picc, and well... around 2 years,I could be better though, I am the best around, but if you ever compared me to someone realy good, they would put me to shame! I can only do 2 story drops, because i'am afarid to go higher, and My jumps are extreamly far for my height (5'2). You can do lots of stuff around flat areas! Its called! Rooftops! Buildings! Parkinggarages(my fav.) and of course, stairsets! If you want, I can give you some things to do, just tell me some things you have around you, to play on! I started outside my house, trying to hop over this 5' rail. I learned everything from there, now i'am clearing big gaps, etc...

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