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Rotating Text

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I don't know where on this site I was, though all the information from the replies, for how to rotate text did not work. Why would two people want to chime in with inaccurate information I have no idea! The first said you go to Layers and then Rotate. All this does is rotate the entire picture not just your text. Then the other said to lasso it and right click it while you drag it either way. No such thing exists. Nothing rotates with these methods. I am not even sure there is a way to select the text??? It does not seem to work either.

Anybody just know the real scoop on how to rotate text? I need it for a quick logo. I have the logo saying Travel Articles and wanted the .com next to it but at a right angle. Just works well with the pic. Thanks in advance guys/gals.

Regards, Roman

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< Moved to Paint.Net Discussion & Questions (this is not a tutorial guys) >

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