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Red ochre plug-in pack V9 (updated 30th July 2014)

Red ochre

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Sorry, No! :lol:


That sounds blunt! - the way that those two draw lines is completely different to the way that most effects work (it doesn't use the 'G.D.I+')*.


An effect could be made using the 'G.D.I.+' with variable width lines but it would be more of a render (using the source image colours) than a blur. Also, lines drawn with the 'G.D.I.+' tend to go a bit 'crazy' with short lengths and high widths - and it's slower too. :(


Thanks for enquiring though! - I see you have made good use of Furblur in some of your images. ;)



* A premade library of commands to 'draw' shapes and lines.


Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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