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Crazy PNG Corruption

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now this has happened a few time sits an "every so often thing" but when it happens a bunch of random unrelated PNG's always get trashed and recently some WDP's

this is maybe the 4th time and i just rebuilt my pc with all new hardware (except HDD and GPU, and PSU etc unrelated things)

so here is wat happens boltbait.sad.png then i am forced to delete unrecoverable files

i have Windows 7 x64 and so far it seems only files saved by PDN are affected (not immediately however so i have no idea)

i have saved it as a JPG and the junk u see is not JPG artifacts it was already there...


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

sorry the image is so huge im not a frequent forumer

Edited by Ego Eram Reputo
Replaced huge image with link


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Replaced you image with a link. That's the way to post them if they are larger than 800 pixels :)

Also moving this thread to Paint.net Discussion & Questions section for you (it doesn't really belong in the Grand Theory of Everything section ;)).


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Question: have you seen this thread?

It might be the reason for/solution to your problem.

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I reported something simular beginning of the year.


The problem still happens randomly (1 on 50 or so). I always have to check the saved .png files.

the problem i snot at save although i have encountered incomplete saved files and they look very much alike, but it happens while my files are in storage in my pics folder i dont open them i dont edit them i even set them all to read-only because of this and i keep getting this and its destroying everything ive mad bit by bit GB's of images its horrrible boltbait.sad.png

i will look at the links you guys have shown me thanks boltbait.smile.png


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