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How to get thumnail view on open

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In the newest version of Paint.net how do you get the thumbnail view to be the default type of view when opening a file in Windows XP? Instead it always defaults to LIST view when you open the program. In my current old version 3.2 it saved the last view 'state' you used but this is gone in the newer versions - at least since 2008.

Windows by default saves the last view 'state' of a folder when last accessed and the old version of Paint.net also had this windows behavior. MS Word, Excel, ect.. also has this behavior and saves the last open file view state you used. Paint.net does not respect the windows folders default view state - it uses its own and defaults it to LIST every time.

I have not been able to upgrade Paint.net for years because LIST view is worthless when viewing hundreds of pictures. Is there any way to get the default windows behavior back or is there a setting that saves the file open view state?



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Downloaded the latest version Paint.NET v3.5.8 (Final Release build 3.58.4081.24580)

friday and tried it but backed it out and re installed an older version v3.2 because I can't do without the thumbnail view.

I have not tried it on Windows 7 so not sure if that would make a difference. But even then I have not completely migrated to my windows 7 box yet so....another reason to be on WIN 7?


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I'm pretty sure I changed that in Paint.NET v3.5.

It only does that in XP. On Vista/7, the File Open dialog was smarter to begin with, so nothing like this was ever put in place.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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