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Feature Request: Ellipse / line tools control

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Since the location of an ellipse is extremely difficult to predict, would it be possible to make the ellipse tool behave like the Text tool?

That is, when you have created the ellipse, have a 'handle' appear next to it so you could move it to the exact location desired. Maybe even a selection box that you could modify its shape and rotation as if you had selected it.

The other feature I would like to see is constrainment of all drawing tools (brush, pencil, color change) as is done with the Line/Curve tool. Hold the Shift key to keep the line straight.

..... or is there some way in which these features already exist?

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Draw ellipse on new layer. Select ellipse. Use move selection to adjust.

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With regards the ellipse tool if you draw it on its own layer :AddNewLayer: you can then move it around by using the :MoveTool: tool and resize it by clicking on one of the nubs and move them ( remember while moving the ellipse you can use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move 1px at a time ) If you cannot see the nubs as they are too close to the edge of canvas draw a new selection around it using either :RectangleSelectTool:, :LassoSelectTool: or :EllipseSelectTool: and remember to hold the left mouse button down when using arrow keys to resize, when finished press ctrl and D to deselect it.

Also while using :RectangleSelectTool:, :LassoSelectTool: or :EllipseSelectTool: holding down left mouse keys enables you to size them and if you press the right mouse key at the same time you can move their position.

Looks like I was too slow :( pdnnoob beat me.

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