The following error is consistently displayed by Paint.NET 3.5.8 when loading some DXT-compressed files (ones with the DDS extension), even though tools such as Nvidia's ReadDXT and ATI's The Compressonator can read them just fine: "There was an unspecified error while opening the file." I've attached a couple of example files that produce the error (with three different S3TC formats: DXT1, DXT3 and DXT5). It seems that other users previous also reported similar issues, as mentioned in: * Problem with *some* .DDS files http://forums.getpai...some-dds-files/ * DDS File Support for Paint.NET now available [link was okay earlier today, but is now gone] http://forums.getpai...-now-available/ Hopefully the examples would help to find a cause, since a lot of my DDS files have this problem. Thanks in advance for any help, and also for the great software that Paint.NET is!