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C# random number question

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I did try a google search as well as visual c# express' built in help search and I came up with what you found,

 private int RandomNumber(int min, int max)
Random random = new Random();
return random.Next(min, max);

but when I call it later,

int a = RandomNumber(0,9);
int b = RandomNumber(0,9);

a == b every time. I can perform a little math on a to make it different, but I thought there must be a better way to do this.

Thanks for the link.

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ok, the problem is you should only use "new Random()" once in your program. Do this during the initialization of your program--in your constructor.

When you need a new random number, just call the Next function.

Basically, by using 'new' you are seeding the random number generator. If you call it again too soon, you are probably seeding it with the same number (I believe the current time is used as the seed). Therefore you will get the same series of random numbers.

Click to play:
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