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New User - How do I learn how to use paint.net

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I am an amateur photo enthusiast and would like to learn how to edit my digital pictures, taken with a Nikon D90.

I have no idea where to start and when I looked at the tutorial area the topics seemed more advanced than I would like to start off with.

I'd like to start of by taking a picture and changing the colors of the eyes, both red eye and just changing the color of the iris, I'd then like to change the background.

Any suggestions as to where I can read up on how to perform these type of tasks and other beginner steps

Thanks for any suggestions you might have


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Hi RussellT,

Welcome to the forum!

You can find a wealth of info on paint.net by pressing F1 in paint.net. This will take you to the online documentation - there is loads of great material there to get you started.

Here's a tutorial on changing eye color:

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Hello, Rusell, I have not been here long, but here's a guide of how to cut images out.

-Go to layers>Import from file at the top

-Select the image you want to use

-Go ahead and re-size it in any way you want

-Use line/curve tool to outline you favorite part

-Select it with the magic wand

-Press copy and then paste it into a new layer

-Delete the layer in which the rest of the image is in

-There you go, part of the image that you want is by itself and you don't have to worry about the pesky bulky background

NOTE:You might have also cut stuff in the inner image that you will need.Example:You cut out a face but the eyes aren't there.All you have to do is select the eyes and move them to your image.

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