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Selecting a Particular Size to Crop?

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I'm probably missing something, but I am trying to edit a number of photos for a Ken Burns type travelogue, and that means I have to make all my color and other adjustments, and then edit to a common size (1280x720). This usually means resizing the photo which gives me the 1280, and then I need to pick which 720 of the image to include. With the rectangular select I can get close, but my mouse movement is usually too much to get exactly to 720, so I often end up having to resize again to drop/add a couple rows.

Is there some way to set a selection box to be a certain size so it could then be moved up and down in the image, and then crop the image when you have selected the portion you want?

Just to clarify, I know of the "Fixed Size" selection. But it is almost as impossible to get that lined up so that you get the full 1280 width as it is to get the bounding box dropped to exactly 720...

Thanks in advance!

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have you tried the "move selection"tool the white arrow in the tool box?use the fixed selection to m,ake the selection the size ou need \, then move the selection around with the move selection tool

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A couple more tips:

~zoom in

~click and hold while you use arrow keys for more precise movements

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What I've ended up doing is that I will do the resize on the width to 1290 (with Keep Aspect Size checked). I will then select all, and cut. I then go to Canvas Size and set it up at 1280 by 720 (with Keep Aspect Size unchecked). I then choose to "Paste into New Layer" and "Keep Canvas Size". Then I am able to move the layer around to see what looks best, and there is enough extra on each side to make it easy to fill the full width as well.


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