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How many plug-ins do you have in Paint.NET?

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Hey guys, today I was wondering is it OK to get all the plug-ins in the forum, I am afraid because it might really slow Paint.NET or crash it :(, so I was wondering how much plug-ins do you have in Paint.NET and it's still going great ;), and what's the maximum amount of plug-ins a 3.5.8 Paint.NET can handle?

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Paint.net can handle all the plugins, but installing all of them is a waste of time and effort unless you're going to actually use them.

Install the ones you actually use.

Yes installing all of them will slow the load time.

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Never counted till now, but I have over 200 dll files in my effects folder. 0.0


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I have 120 dlls installed but a great many more contained in a separate Plug Ins file in my documents. I have all the main big plug in packs but not every plug in from those packs installed. I agree with what EER said - just install the ones you need. ;)



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