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What is/are the difference/s between Grand Unification Theory (GUT) and the Theory of Everything (TOE)?

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I'm confused. Many 'layman' books talk about unifying the 4 forces then go on to say that gravity is just a distortion of space/time. Is it a force or not? - doesn't matter how hot you get if it's not a force it cannot be combined surely?

And while were on the subject - if expansion after the BB was faster than light (as the physicists would have you believe), then doesn't that imply that either gravity didn't exist then or the current constants of reality where different then?

And what's the difference between the Big Bang and a black hole any way - why didn't the universe start by imploding under it's own gravity! - all mass in one place.

Perhaps that's what's happening - the universe isn't expanding, just everything within it is shrinking:)

mmmm M theory - I like the idea of things that are smaller than the Plank length actually being larger than the universe (Big reciprocals),

not sure about 11 dimensions though.

And isn't this Higgs Boson thingamajig just an excuse to bring back the idea of an ether field to explain mass.

And hasn't Godel proved it's all unprovable anyway?

I'd just like to understand the Fibonacci sequence, especially then the 11 term. (why 11?[89]). Which is a shame, because I hate Maths.

Gravity waves goodbye...


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First post was just rubbish to support the spam sig. Feel free to continue the metaphysical discussion if you like....,

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Grand Unified Theory would unify all the current fields of physics.

Theory of Everything would potentially be a superset, covering any currently known phenomenon and potentially any unknown phenomena. It would have to be able to predict the outcome of any experiment.

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