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preset canvas size

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Hi, I'm trying to make a short video using images I draw on Paint.net. To make sure everything is consistent I adjusted the canvas size and I find I have to do this every time I open a new project. While I have no issue with resizing it again, I find it a bit annoying. So does anyone know how to preset the size of the canvas?

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Sounds like you need the template trick:

1. Open a new image and adjust the size to suit.

2. Save it in *.pdn format with a filename like : "Movie image template"

Close paint.net.

Navigate to the file you just saved and double click on it to reopen it.

The trick here is to immedaitely use Save As... to save a copy of the first image using a new filename (for the image you are going to be working on). In this way the initial image does not get overwritten and becomes a template for each of the subsequent images.

To start a new (correctly sized) image, double click on the template!

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while i have never found it useful, an interesting bit of knowledge is that if you copy an image-off the internet/in you pictures folder/whereever-when you open a new image in PDN it will be at the size of the pic you copied

e.g. if you copy a picture of a wolf that is 567 x 238 pixels, if you open a new image in PDN before you copy something else it will open the new image dialog window with the blank canvas preset to 567 x 238.. maybe you will find this useful, where i have not


SARCASM- Just one of the many services I offer free to the public.

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